Host a Party!

...And earn rewards

You provide your friends and location, and we bring the party to you! Your fully-trained consultant will display each of our products, and how they work. As an added benefit, we make every party entertaining with fun party games, lots of laughs, and will give you practical tips on how to bring the fun back into the bedroom! 
As a hostess, you will earn 10% of your party sales and will receive a FREE gift from your consultant. The more guests you invite, the greater your reward!

Get Paid to Party!

Parties for any occasion!

Bachelorettes • Bachelor Parties • Birthday party • Singles Awareness Parties • Wine & Chocolate • Fundraising • Jack N Jills • Girls Night In Girls Night Out • Couples party • Divorce Party or Just for FUN!!!!


  • Are Men Allowed?

    OF COURSE!!! This is YOUR party if you want men they are more than welcome. We understand some companies do not allowed but those are very outdated rules....This is NOT your mother's sex toy company.

  • Do you play games at the party?

    Your host/hostess will play between 1-3 games depending on the number of guests. The more people the more games are played. Our games are designed to leave you and your guests laughing until they pee. (not really that is messy)

  • What happens at a 4 Play Buzz party?

    The host/hostesses are trained to provide you with NON stop laughter, they create an event your friends will talk about for months to come. This is NOT your mothers sex toy company. One of our trained consultants will show you products while allowing you to try on perfumes, lotions and potions. Passing toys to feel the difference in material and vibration levels.

  • When do I get my product?

    Depending on your consultant it could be that night if they have it in stock if not they will ship it out to you within 7 days of having a show.

  • Who do I invite?

    EVERYONE!!! These shows are epic! You want everyone you know (who has a sense of humor) to come. Tell friends to bring friends.

  • Does it cost anything to have a party?

    Absolutely nothing. FREE to have us. Your hostess will actually give you free product based on your sales.


    ABSOLUTELY! Your success is up to you. We will give you all the tools you need to become successful.


    No! We will train you. Most people who do home sales have no experience going into it.


    EASY...You tell everyone you know you are doing this. It is exciting to have your own business and now you do. We will send you tips on how to book shows.


    If the party is $1,000 you keep $400 (at 40% discount) and spend $600 on product to fill their orders. But this is just for starters....Your discount will increase with incentives offered to you.

    ALSO for every 5 people you recruit your discount increases 5% all the way up to 50%.

  • Do online sales count?

    ABSOLUTELY! If someone can't make the party have them order online, you will get the credit.

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