The Competition

The Competition?

Pffft. What competition?!  At first glance, it may be easy to think that 4 Play Buzz is the same as the “competition”. Do not be fooled. The others, their names have been slightly changed in order to protect the innocent, ;-)  Passion Party and Pure Romances are lacking and 4 Play Buzz is  ...what's something catchy that rhymes with lacking...oh well. :- ) Regardless, 4 Play Buzz is the opposite of lacking.  There are some big ways that the others just do not measure up to 4 Play Buzz.

For starters, we allow MEN!!! Yes, that's right, we hire MEN. We hire EVERYONE, they do not! We are LGBTQ friendly.

We sell American-made Lotions and Potions! Proud to offer products Made In The USA.

Our starter kits have full sized products, not sample sized! The kit value is $500 as compared to only $391!

Our parties are EVENTS! We bring the FUN!

They may pretend to EDUCATE you, but we really do!

Your CEO did a party days ago, theirs never did!

The bottom line is, 4 Play Buzz sets you up for success from every possible angle. We teach you what you need to know and what you need to do. We provide you with quality products that you can stand behind. We give you a financial step up from the so-called competition. You are never on your own. Your success is important to us. We support you and all that makes you unique and talented. With 4 Play Buzz, you will feel like we are there for you like family!

All 4 Play & Play 4 All!
Everyone's welcome! Bring your man! Couples parties!