So a woman walks into a sex shop

So a woman walks into a sex shop...stop me if you've heard this one! Oh wait, there's no punchline here. Have you ever walked into a sex shop? Walked in alone or even with your partner? It can be incredibly awkward at best, and downright mortifying at worst.

Sure, shopping strictly online is an option. But sometimes more of a real world shopping experience is needed. And when it comes to shopping for sex products, no one wants the negative experience that can go along with the friendly neighborhood sex shop. Oops did I say friendly? I meant dirty. And not the good kind of dirty. ;-)

So what's a gal, or guy (yes, you too guys!) to do? There must be a happy medium, right? 4 Play Buzz to the rescue! It is truly the best of both worlds. Have a question about the features of a particular sex toy? What ingredients are in a lube? What if you need an intimate shave cream for sensitive skin? Looking for body lotion that is American made?  At the sex shop, after being gawked at like some animal rarely seen in the wild, getting answers can be difficult. Online, answers may take a long time to get and product reviews are often fake.

4 Play Buzz takes what used to be embarrassing and frustrating, and turns it into a party! It's a ton of fun, quite educational, and can be enjoyed by all adults. And I mean ALL. I joke about a woman in certain scenarios, but actually, women, men, singles, couples, straight, LGBTQ, – all are welcome.

But wait, there's more! - to quote all those late night infomercials. :-D  Seriously though, it gets even better. With 4 Play Buzz, you can have all of the good stuff associated with a party, AND make some money while doing it. Or make A LOT of money doing it.

Wait, whaaaaat?! Make money having a sex toy, lotions, and potions house party? You're probably thinking either “Heck yeah! Sign me up!” or “Whoa slow down. I'm going to need more info on this sex toy house party thing.” Either way, allow me to fill you in on the basics.

Host a party, make some money, and get a free gift, all with a 4 Play Buzz consultant who brings the party to you and does the hard work.  It's much like other home parties you might have been to, but way more fun.  Love it? Want to take it to the next level?  Our consultants know the ropes and help you get up to speed and succeed. Our program is also superior to other well known home party companies. We'll tell you more about that in future articles.

Browse around our site at awhile and see if you're not excited to party with 4 Play Buzz. There is more info on hosting a 4 Play Buzz party here: .  And there is more info on joining the 4 Play Buzz team here: .

All 4 Play & Play 4 All!
Everyone's welcome! Bring your man! Couples parties!