Sex Toy Consultant Training in New York

In a city that never sleeps, you can assume that there’s always some sort of opportunity to earn a serious dollar—legally, that is! 

The commute in the Big Apple can absorb hours of valuable time that could be spent elsewhere. 4 Play Buzz is offering New Yorkers an extraordinary opportunity to earn approximately $31,200 a year with the flexibility to set your own work schedule. You have the opportunity to get paid to talk about sex! 

This may arguably be the dream job that most people didn’t know they wanted!

Start Your Dream Job in New York

When you start a career as a 4 Play Buzz sex toy consultant, you become your own boss! We realize that entrepreneurship is a position that isn’t mastered overnight. That’s why we offer consultant training in the New York area. Team up with some of the savviest 4 Play Buzz Consultants to provide you with all of the information, tools, and tricks of the trade needed to become a successful business owner.  

Our sex toy consultants will turn you into an expert. We teach you about every one of our products so that you will be prepared to answer any questions about a 4 Play Buzz product. Soon, you’ll be consulting someone who might have his or her own reservations about starting a sex toy selling business.

Sex Toy Consultant Training in New York

Advantages of Sex Toy Consultant Training

One of the benefits of getting a sex toy consultant to train you is that you’ll learn the business faster leading you to turn a quick profit in sales. A 4 Play Buzz sex toy consultant will give you the confidence you need to go out there and sell your product. Having confidence and a good attitude is key. People are attracted to a positive personality. If you have people who like being around you and listening to what you have to say, then you will be increasing your chances of making a sell that much quicker!

4 Play Buzz gives you the opportunity to purchase any two of our starter kits and start selling right away, but we strongly encourage you to accept the mentorship of our experienced 4 Play Buzz Consultants, especially if you live in New York.

Sex Toy Consultants Help You Work the Business!

Competition is fierce enough in New York. While you’re sleeping, someone is working to sell the same sex toys as you! Furthermore, you might discover that most of your loyal customers might prefer the New York nightlife versus regular work hours.

It’s not only about knowing the product but also your buyers. 4 Play Buzz gives you the training to think like a boss! You’ll be taught strategic selling tips about how to sell your product, how to wind up the perfect sales pitch, you’ll get insight into the sex toy industry and learn the selling trends—which months are good to promote one product over another and more!

Start the journey towards making a profit. Inquire about sex toy consultant training in New York today. Join the team now!

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