Selling Sex Toys at House Parties: A Beginners Guide

 So, you’re thinking about selling sex toys? Good for you!

 The fear most consultants might have when throwing a house party is having no one show up and if they do, not buy anything. If you are selling the right kind of product, you shouldn’t have to worry about anything except possibly not having enough inventory to meet the demand!


Sex Toy Party: Aim to Please!

As a consultant, you want to make sure that all of your customers are having a good time at your house party. Pulling out a sex toy right away might be awkward for some people. Break the ice by playing a game, serve food and drinks—get them relaxed so that they are nice and comfortable. Then you can begin assisting your host in presenting all of the goodies! Another tip is to cater to everyone’s needs whether it’s a woman, man, or transgender—no exclusions! Don’t leave any money on the table!

4 Play Buzz does not discriminate! We’re looking for lively consultants with an entrepreneurial spirit who want to make some real money while doing what they love—entertaining!

4 Play Buzz sells sex toys, but we also sell the business of selling sex toys! Haven’t you heard of that old saying, “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime?” Well, 4 Play Buzz wants to teach you how to fish—with sex toys!  How can you NOT have fun doing this?

All you have to do is throw a party and you will get paid!


Profit from a House Party. How it Works

sex toy party profits

If you’ve been to a Pampered Chef or Mary Kay party, it’s just like that…except instead of makeup and spatulas, we have all the fun goodies that make Pleasure Town more pleasurable!


Why Throw a 4 Play Buzz Party?

The real question is: Why not?

4 Play Buzz provides you and your friends with the unique opportunity to explore all of the products the sex toy industry has to offer in the privacy of your own home around familiar faces and out of the public eye. 4 Play Buzz allows you to give people the opportunity to peek into this niche industry and try some of the products that might not be heard about otherwise

If that doesn’t convince you to be your own boss, then perhaps it might interest you to know that the annual worldwide revenue for the sex toy industry is reported to be at $15,250,000,000 according to the Statistic Brain Research Institute. 4 Play Buzz has calculated that 80% of our sales are from lotions and potions. The remaining 20% are from the actual sex toys.


Selling Sex Toys at House Parties: Giving You the Business!

Your average sex toy parties are generally catered by women, but 4 Play Buzz knows that everyone want’s to have a good time at a house party and everybody likes to make money! That’s why our business is all-inclusive. We are an LGBTQ-Friendly operation welcoming everyone who is interested in being his or her own boss.

If you’re not so sure about how to go about being your own boss right away, a 4 Play Buzz Consultant will do all of the work for you!  Take confidence in knowing that our products are superior to the competition. We have more products with higher discounts. Invest in a starter kit for as low as $125 and make earn a substantial profit. Showcase these amazing kits that are complete with games and deliciously naughty toys for everyone to discover.

Contact a 4 Play Buzz Consultant today to get your party started!

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