Passion Party Starter Kits with the Highest Value for Money

Did you know that you could start your own business for less than $130?

Many entrepreneurs need thousands of dollars in capital in order to get their business going. At 4 Play Buzz, you can be your own boss for less than $130 and have fun doing it!

Yes, it’s “those” types of parties that everyone wants to go to, but might not openly admit it—however, it would be rude for them to turn down an invitation!



Invitation? An invitation to what, exactly?

I’m glad you asked!

With 4 Play Buzz, you can create an incredible home shopping experience where your guests can explore all of the titillating goodies, fancy creams, and lotions in the company of friends and loved ones. Our business is all-inclusive.  Men, women, and the LGBTQ community can take advantage of this amazing money-making opportunity. All you need to do is to invest in the Perfect Package Party Starter Kit that will provide you with a generous amount of inventory to jumpstart your business.

We provide you with the tools to extend that invitation and make some money! Your guests can learn and even sample some of the products we have to offer. 

What’s in the Starter Kit?

4 Play Buzz’s Starter Kits are equipped with a variety of foreplay accessories to help get your own private party started!


The Perfect Package Kit

 In this kit, you’ll find that it includes the “regular” toys as well as some new inventions to introduce to your guests that are engineered to appease both women and men. This starter kit has a $500 value with a 40% buying discount, allowing you to nearly double your profits! It also includes games to play that will serve as an ice-breaker.


4 play buzz starter kit

Play games like WTF Truth or Dare, Beer Playing Cards, and set the ambiance by lighting a vanilla sugar candle.

The overall weight of this kit literally outweighs the competition at  (almost 7 pounds) We’re proud to announce that our starter kits offer more products with higher discounts and 100% of our lotions and potions are American made! With 4 Play Buzz, you are investing in your well being and your financial future!


The Teaser Starter Kit 

Perhaps you’re not quite ready to go all in. Then we have a kit that will help you get your feet wet at a discount price.  Jumpstart your business for just $125.00 and receive over $300.00 in products with a 30% buying discount! Choose this kit as the ultimate foreplay to your party. This kit comes with one hilarious game, Who is the Biggest Slut? Laugh for hours as you entertain your guests and make money!

4 play buzz small starter kit

It has never been easier to launch your own business with 4 Play Buzz. Throw bridal and bachelorette parties. Birthday parties are the best with a 4 Play Buzz consultant! You can purchase your starter kit online.


Benefits of Being a 4 Play Buzz Distributor

As a 4 Play Buzz Representative, you will be able to restock your inventory at wholesale prices. This business venture also provides you with the opportunity to network and meet new people. Your business is what you make it! Create party themes around your products to make them new and interesting. The possibilities are endless!

Get your Passion Party started by contacting a 4 Play Buzz Consultant today!

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