Orgasms Are Important

Step right up! Come one come all! I am about to bestow upon you the secret to a happier life! An earth shattering, mind blowing, world changing secret!  Life will never be the same once you hear this secret! (Note to self: Cue dramatic music. Add more exclamation marks wherever possible!!!)  :-9

Ok, ok, all joking aside, I am going to tell you about something important. Seriously important. Orgasms. Yes, orgasms. Orgasms are important!!! (I just had to add more exclamation marks!!! Orgasms deserve it!!!)  :-D

With 4 Play Buzz you can shop for all kinds of great stuff to make sure you and your partner get your recommended daily allowance of orgasms, and right in the comfort of your own living room! Wait, does it sound like I mean shopping in the living room or sex in the living room? Well, after the party is over and the guests have gone home, I suppose that second part is up to you. ;-)  Shop for sex toys, sex lotions, sex potions, lubes in tubes, and nipple clamps for your boobs - all of the essentials for great sex and great orgasms.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can be the one providing all of this great stuff for people and make a career of it with 4 Play Buzz. You would be like the fairy godmother of orgasms but make money doing it. I don't remember Cinderella's fairy godmother getting paid, but you sure will!

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All 4 Play & Play 4 All!
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