Host a Sex Toy Party: Get Trained by Experts and Earn Serious Money

If you’re looking for a way to earn some serious money on the side, try hosting a sex toy party.

4 Play Buzz will provide you with all of the knowledge and resources to start your own business. Hosting a sex toy party is the perfect way to learn how the business works. It also serves as the perfect training ground to strengthen your people skills.

The best strategy to becoming one of the top 4 Play Buzz Party Consultants is to understand the business at every angle. That means hosting a sex toy party. Think of it as an orientation to becoming your own boss. There’s no better way to get an up-close understanding of the products you will sell than presenting them to potential customers.

A Salesman—or Woman is As Good as His Or Her Sales Pitch

In order to hit a home run sales pitch, you need to have extensive knowledge about the product you’re selling. This is where 4 Play Buzz experts can assist you. We have been working in the sex toy business long enough to educate you on the specifics of the products—what they are used for, and which ones are the most profitable-selling items. We can also provide insight on which items you should present at your sex toy party first and which ones you should leave last for the grand finale!

Host a Sex Toy Party: Get Trained by Experts and Earn Serious Money

Presentation is Everything!

While many of our 4 Play products can sell themselves, offering an attention-grabbing pitch to close a sale can be the difference between making a $100 profit or a $200 profit!

Did you know that you could earn $31,200 in one year just by hosting three 4 Play Buzz parties a week? That’s some serious money!

 A 4 Play Buzz party typically takes 90 minutes. Just in that small amount of time, you could have $200 in your pocket, easy!  What’s more is that you’ll have fun doing it!

4 Play Buzz Sex Toys Parties Have a Flexible Schedule

There’s no stuffy office you’re confined to and you don’t have to spend hours on end sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen. 4 Play Buzz gives you the flexibility to host a sex toy party in the comfort of your own home, at a friend’s place, in your backyard, or a private venue where you see fit! These events are perfect for bridal showers, an engagement party, birthdays, bachelorette/bachelor parties, “Wine Down” events, and more! You can even put a new spin on the Dirty Santa game!

Don’t Be Scared!

If you’re running dry on creative ideas, don’t worry, our 4 Play Buzz experts have literally everything you need to jumpstart your business venture. Our amazing starter packages come with full-size products that you can host your parties with. No samples here—only the full and complete package!

Like a Boss!

Ask a 4 Play Buzz Consultant about how you can become your own boss today! Be the best professional you can be. Contact one of our expert consultants who will walk you through the entire hosting process. 

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