Back To School Time, then Spice It Up Time!

Ah yes, it's back to school time. The shopping for an unfathomable list of school supplies, buying fresh new school clothes that will be outgrown in a matter of months, and coordinating rides to soccer practice.

It's all go go go. It can be so hectic and frustrating!

At times like this, make sure you take some time for yourself before you're tearing your hair out!

What better way to do that than to treat yourself to a 4 Play Buzz party?!

You and all the other frazzled grown ups in your life could stand to take a load off right now and enjoy a good time with good company. And that really means ALL of the grown ups! Men are welcome too! ALL are welcome. So for all, it's just the season for spiced pumpkin lattes and spicing up your love lives!

So as the air turns crisp and the lush green trees of summer are on the verge of changing to their autumn colors, splurge on something special from 4 Play Buzz and change into something sexy.

Or better yet, make money sprinkling the 4 Play Buzz party spice around! Make money as a consultant selling American made lotions and potions and a wide array of other products to spice things up this fall.

Who needs “Romance” when you have 4 Play Buzz?! It works a lot like a good old fashioned home party business, but this is definitely not your momma's bland old home party!

Check out how to get started or get right down to joining the company of the future at

Next time on the 4 Play Buzz blog, No China on Your Vagina!

All 4 Play & Play 4 All!
Everyone's welcome! Bring your man! Couples parties!