Are You a Sex Toy Consultant? Earn More Money with 4 Play Buzz

Are you currently in the business of selling sex toys?

Would you switch companies if you had the opportunity to increase your profits?

Well, that’s exactly what will happen when you join the 4 Play Buzz team! You already know that these products sell. We’re here to tell you that our products are bigger and better!

Right now, we offer new consultants the option of investing in two different starter packages starting as low as $125. Our starter packages include full-sized products—no samples. With 4 Play Buzz, your customers know exactly what they’re getting. Furthermore, our starter packages include more inventory and even weigh more than the competition. We don’t inflate our prices because of this. In fact, 4 Play Buzz rewards our consultants with wholesale incentives. We also partner you up with experienced 4 Play Buzz Consultants to help you with the transition.

4 Play Buzz’s Company Culture

You might even double your profits with 4 Play Buzz. This is because we are an all-inclusive company. Here, men are welcomed to come in and make some money. We know that many sex toy party companies exclude men and cater specifically to women. By doing this they’re cutting their profits in half!

Looking at the Numbers

Are You a Sex Toy Consultant? Earn More Money with 4 Play Buzz

The reported market for sex toys is said to be at $15 billion a year and get this: 55.6% of sex toy consumers in the United States are reported to be men! Looking on a global scale, in Germany and the United Kingdom the desire for sex toys are pretty much 50/50 with both male and female taking interest in the product. Only in Australia do more women than men buy sex toys. Although in France, the men take over at 58.4%!

Including men in this market is just a smart move. We are broadening our reach and diversifying our company culture and clientele. 4 Play Buzz is also transgender-friendly. We’re looking for smart and savvy business professionals who aren’t ashamed to make money!

4 Play Buzz: A Company with Principles

4 Play Buzz prides itself on the principles of honesty, integrity, and loyalty. We are passionate about helping people become the best business professional possible.

The money is there! ReportLinker states that the sex toy industry is expected to increase “at a compound annual growth rate of ~7.3 percent during the time frame 2017-2022.” In fact, the United States is reported to be the number one country that has the highest number of Google searches for sex toys!

Are you shocked? We’re not!

This is the kind of information we like to arm all of our 4 Play Buzz Sex Toy Consultants with. Knowledge is power. We not only want to educate you on the product but also the industry. The numbers don’t lie. People are curious and we want to equip you with the information and product to quench their curiosity. You already know the business, but we want to help you be even better!

Increase your clientele and your profits by becoming a 4 Play Buzz Sex Toy Consultant. Make the switch today as a 4 Play Consultant and watch your profits increase!

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