ANNUAL Sex Toy Party!?!

I was invited by a friend several years ago to her annual sextoy party.  Yup. That's a thing they do,annually.  I had never been to anythinglike this; I was pretty prude at that point, to be honest. I rememberthinking..."so like...there will just be a bunch of vibrators and dildosand stuff on a table and we just...pick one?" Oooohhh, how naive I was.

So, I talked my sister into coming with me, as if going alonewasn't awkward enough, huh? Well thanks to the 4 Play Buzz Consultant, it wasactually SO much fun. I don't think I have ever laughed that hard in my life!We played games, the consultant dropped all sorts of crazy and awesome factsabout sex and orgasms and our bodies that I didn't know anything about! 

I left the party with a bunch of toys and lubes I neverexpected I'd own! I felt like I was finally prepared to start exploring my bodymore. I didn't realize sex or masturbation could be so involved and intimate!It was a pivotal moment for me, when it came to sex. I learned the importanceof not feeling shame in enjoying sex, both with a partner or solo!

I'm excited to share myjourney of self exploration with you and how I learned to appropriately mixbusiness with pleasure, all thanks to 4 Play Buzz!

Stay tuned!


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