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4 Play Buzz is built on HONESTY, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY - and most importantly YOU! Over a decade in the making, from humble beginnings arose our passion to become America’s Premier Boutique Pleasure Party.   

Our Founder & CEO, has been there, done that! Really.

Dawn’s years of experience in direct sales, coupled with the latest in sexual intimacy products & sexual health education shaped and perfected the company you see today - the business that’s taking the US by storm! Experience what the BUZZ is all about!

We’ve made mistakes ~ So you don’t have to. We’ve learned best practices the ‘hard’ way ~ Ensuring you a leg up, and that extra edge! We’ve worked for those others - So we know exactly how to do better by you. For YOU! AND we took the best this amazing industry has to offer and made it even BETTER.

4 Play Buzz offers industry-leading packages, promotions & the hottest in new products, providing you the most lucrative opportunity to start + own your own business.

Live The Dream! Be The Life Of The Party!

Dawn has built her business from the ground up, a true brick and mortar.  She has also built her business with passion, dedication and heart & soul. Dawn prides herself on honesty, integrity and loyalty and with these principles she has grown her company. Integrating them into her business ethics and has always treated every consultant and client with these  morals. She continues to grow her business by empowering and educating women for their own success and to help grow their businesses, so they may lead enriched lives.

Dawn is very active in her community, giving back to the needy. From serving meals to the homeless weekly, collecting toys for tots for Christmas, prom outfits for teens, to school supplies and Easter baskets for needy children. Dawn is also very active in her church with a huge faith filled background. 

Dawn is a very family orientated person and her family comes first, she is married with two children. They are the reason Dawn took the leap to create her own business, so she could give them a great life filled with great academia & sports.

Dawn is also the LIFE of the party and has an amazing sense of humor even in times of difficulty, she tries to find the best of every situation and is always thinking about others. 

Philanthropic Work

Giving Back to Those Who Need It Most

Excerpts from Buffalo Spree, Erin Maynard, 2017

“Dawn began collecting Christmas gifts for the women and children who live at Haven House’s secure, secret location. She asked family members, friends, and coworkers at Kaleida Health to pitch in. Soon she was inundated with gifts.”

“It’s not just about getting the gifts under the tree, either. Dawn has made caring for Buffalo’s residents an all-year endeavor. In the Spring, she collect gifts for St. Luke’s Mission, which runs Cornerstone Manor, a shelter for women and families ‘seeking protection from city streets or an abusive relationship.’”

“‘Im just one person,’ she says. ‘I’m just trying to make a difference. I’m trying to be a good human, not a good Christian.’”

How Dawn Gives Back:

  • Collects warm clothes and food for the homeless
  • Feeds the homeless
  • Donates backpacks and school supplies for low income schools
  • Has volunteered at Children’s Hospital & Highpoint weekly for years
  • Donates prom gowns for low income families
  • Donates Easter baskets for low income families
  • Gives Christmas gifts for children in need
  • Has collected over 100,000 items in the span of 23 years
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