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"I have been with other direct sells companies before and was not successful. 4 Play Buzz covers all the bases when it comes to difficulties that consultants face. Dawn, the CEO, takes time to train EACH & EVERY consultant. I have never been happier with a company that supports my family with as little effort as I put in." Alyssa W.

** Do you find yourself trying to fix the cash flow crisis alone?
** Do you feel like you are paying more money out because of minimums?
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I am Dawn the CEO & I want to help you!

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This call will help you end the fear that comes at the end of the month and get some time back in your life to do what you want and anyone can qualify for this call.

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What Others Say!!

"I was with another company it had a great product and great service.

When I decided joined for 4 Play Buzz, I felt the same feeling. Great product and service!

I NO longer have to up hold a quota or a minimum each quarter. I can go at my own pace.

I can raise my family and run my business simultaneously on my terms.

With 4 Play Buzz, I have a NEW level of freedom!"

"I was SUPER scared to do my first party but after the amount of money I made I was ADDICTED!!!”  

4 Play has become part of my dependent income

-DN Evans-

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